2 Climate Change and ISO 14001:2004 Series : Streamlining GHG Emission Reduction in ISO 14001:2004 Aspect and Impact Assesment (Jakarta, 25-26 September/30-31 Oktober 2013)

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Climate change has developed into a very important issue, The fact that the climate has change and it will influent human life has create big push for the emmition producer to take serious effort to reduce their GHG emission.

Many big leading company has declare their commitment to reduce their company GHG emission. This applied for their company worldwide including here in Indonesia.

The fact told us that many of these committed companies are ISO 14001 certified companies. The questions are, How ISO 14001 could help the companies in reducing their GHG emission? What would be the correlation among continual improvement and GHG emission reduction?

This training will help the companies ISO 14001 team to answer these questions by elaborating the GHG emission reduction into companies environment aspect and impact assesment and develop mitigation measures of GHG as integral part of company’s objective and target.

After the training we expect participants :

1.Able to create GHG inventory in their company.
2.Able to Improve their environment aspect and impact assesment, accomodating the GHG as consideration.
3.Able to develop mitigation measures to reduce GHG in the company
4.Able to develop ISO 14001: 2004 objective and target
5.Able to design the ISO 14001:2004 program toward continual improvement and GHG reduction
1.Overview of ISO 14001:2004
2.Environmental aspect and impact assesment in ISO 14001
3.Introduction to Climate Change and its current progress GHG calculation
4.GHG Inventory
5.Development of GHG reduction
6.Measures. Monitoring, Reporting and Verification
7.Review aspect and impact assesment considering GHG reduction issue
8.Working on new aspect and impact assesment
9.Integrating GHG measures into Objective and Target
10.Development of programs

:  Rp 3,000,000,00/participant

Schedule Training: 
Jakarta, 22-23 Januari 2013
Jakarta, 27-28 Februari 2013
Jakarta, 20-21 Maret 2013
Jakarta, 29-30 April 2013
Jakarta, 29-30 Mei 2013
Jakarta, 19-20 Juni 2013
Jakarta, 10-11 Juli 2013
Jakarta, 21-22 Agustus 2013
Jakarta, 25-26 September 2013
Jakarta, 30-31 Oktober 2013
Jakarta, 20-21 November 2013
Jakarta, 16-17 Desember 2013

Informasi pendaftaran dapat menghubungi :
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T:   +62 21 290 695 17-18 – 021 70833830, +62 21 91169081
F:    +62 21 837 086 81
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