Rudi Maulana, ST. MM. CPP. CLA.

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Founder and Chairman of Proxsis Consulting Group.
Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Bandung, 1992-1997.
Master Degree in General Management and International Business, Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia (IPMI), Jakarta and Monash University join program, 2000-2001.

Started his career as an engineer and international staff in multinational company. For more than a decade, he led the growth of what began as a small consulting firm to be the most progressive consulting group in Indonesia. He has an interest in mastering business process. Over period of time, it makes him as an expert and guru in business start up, business development and business process management. Out of the box thinker and a visionary business leader. He builds a legacy of excellence by helping and coaching business owners in Proxsis Consulting Group to grow their businesses, cultivate the trust, share knowledge and to collaborate to win the competition.ÔÇÄ

He had helped more than 20 new business/organisations  within Proxsis Organisation, and more than an hundred of external organisations and companies  to grow and to implement new value, systems and models. He loves to help companies implement new modern value such as Result Only Working Environment, Employee Entrepreneurship Program, Collaboration, GROW concept, Coaching System,etc, as he done in Proxsis.

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